Sunday, 25 March 2012

Am I Living in the Matrix?...

Don't you think it's weird how you find what you are looking for or what you need? I wonder sometimes if I live in the Matrix? When I think about an item that I'm interested in or need and then bam... There it is. I'm talking about the next day or the next oppy or garage sale I go to. Is it coincidence? Is it spirit guides? Am I psychic?

Here are a few items where that happened...

Bowls - New Zealand Native Wood
Soooo many uses for these.

Bowls - New Zealand Native Wood
I love the feel too.

Mixture of Sewing Thread
Because I'm always running out.

Mixture of Sewing Thread
It's just so expensive.

Sewing Pattern
Have not attempted this yet.

Sewing Pattern
Or this one.

Sewing Pattern
Ahem or this one!

Alphabet Blocks
So the visiting kiddies have something to play with...
while we bitch over a cuppa.

Monopoly Game
Got to have one!

Scrabble Game
For epic family arguments.

Vintage Suitcases
For storing my fabric stash.

Vintage Suitcase
For more fabric stashing.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

From the Gods of Opportunity...

Bahahahaha she bellows on her thrifty throne... Gazing upon her gleaming treasures with pride... Look! Look at what the gods of opportunity have granted moi!

Catherineholm Casserole (this was actually a gift)

Lipstick red Duraware cup and saucer $1

Crispy cotton single sheets $2

Hand mirror 20c

Liqueur glasses $4

Midwinter coffee set $10

Petrol coloured glasses $3... A full set of six...unheard of!

Bob Steiner tea pot $5... Perfect for a Mad Hatters tea party!

Sylvac vase $1

Mary Lou doll $2... Who doesn't need one of these in their toy box!

I look forward to seeing what you have all found for your kingdoms here at Flea Market Finds

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bunting for Babes...

We are expecting a great niece to be born any minute now. Her name will be Charlotte, (Charlie for short). I made her bunting flags a while ago but the bias binding I wanted was out of stock until now. So I am sewing it on tonight if I get a chance. The fabric is matched to the nursery curtains.

When I bought the fabric, I bought more than needed as there was a really good sale on. I arrived home, washed and dried the fabric then got stuck in...

I was a machine I tell you! I ironed, I measured, I cut, I sewed, I turned, I ironed... Until every flag was done...

Why I thought... Why does it look like I have too many flags? Shrug...

After laying the flags out to the measurements my niece gave me, I still had too many flags. I had used up all of the fabric, forgetting I had bought extra. I had made 16 METERS! ... Yes you read that right... 16 meters of bunting, (that's without gaps between the flags)... DOOFUS!

But hey! That's ok because another great niece will be born in May and her bunting will already be made. The mummies are sisters so they will just think that I will be trying to keep it all matchy matchy fair. I have two more babes to make bunting for so I will get to put some different combos together then.

I made myself a patchwork scarf too. I used left over cotton fabric scraps and soft charcoal wool for the backing (thrifted). It's extra long so I can double it around my neck and thread it through the looped end. It looks way better on. Especially with a black dress (which i wear often)...

I am making similar scarves from recycled woollen jumpers and I am so excited about them... If they turn out any good I will look at selling them in my shop.

Speaking of my shop... I am new to selling on 'Felt' and I never anticipated how excited I would be when I made a sale... What an ego boost it is! I love the whole process of packing a brooch up into a little parcel and walking to the post box...

I made a few new brooches this week. Same designs, different colour combos... But that is another post I think :-)

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Domestic Diva...

I have been blissfully consumed with my sewing this week and I have not left the home unless it was to get more supplies. I am hankering for a good day of oppy shopping for sure!

But... Fear not! I have yet more of my vintage finds from the archives to contribute...

Crown Lynn tea cups

Catherineholm casserole pot

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Busy with Brooches...

After a year of mucking around with different designs, I am finally happy with some brooches I have made to sell in my Felt shop here...

13.5 cm diameter
vintage wool in orange / red / fawn on a grey felt backing
turquoise blanket stitch with crochet cotton

9 x 9.5 cm
black felt (double thickness)
mixture of vintage and new buttons
blanket stitch in turquoise crochet cotton

16 cm diameter
vintage cotton fabrics pink / black / white
blanket stitch and french knots in mustard yellow embroidery cotton and turquoise crochet cotton

13.5 cm diameter
re-purposed cotton fabric
felt backing
blanket stitch edges in embroidery cotton

13.5 cm diameter
vintage wool / re-purposed cotton fabric
felt back
blanket stitched edges in embroidery cotton

13.5 cm diameter
vintage wool / re-purposed cotton / leather
felt backing
blanket stitched edges in embroidery cotton

13.5 cm diameter
mustard yellow felt / re-purposed cotton fabric
blanket stitched edges in turquoise crochet cotton

9 x 9.5 cm
grey felt (double thickness)
mixture of vintage and new buttons
running stitch edges in orange embroidery thread

I have sold quite a few to friends as well, which is certainly a boost to the ego! Next in the pipeline are scarves... Watch this space.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Life gets in the way...

It's been soooooo long since my last post! Let's just say that life got in the way... My grandmother passed away last October and then, four weeks later, my grandfather followed. Neither of them had a will so things needed to be sorted. It certainly made me think about how quickly things can change.

I have many happy childhood memories of my grandparents, spending weekends with them, eating fantastic food from their garden, listening and dancing to old records, watching musicals on the telly, rummaging through their garage... The list is endless.

I knew very little about my Grandmother's past and she preferred it that way. I was always curious about her life before 'us'. When I was searching for a nice photo for her funeral, I found this...

Nanny would have been about 18 then. What a lady :-)

But this is how I remember her...

On the back of the photo is written 'a housewife's work is never done'.
Ha! It seems we had a lot in common.

Rest in peace Nanny and Pop and thank you for the delicious food, the crispy cotton sheets, the do-it-yourself / make-it-yourself gene pool, the hidden treasures, the humour, the security and the care. I didn't realise until now, just how much you taught me xx