Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bunting for Babes...

We are expecting a great niece to be born any minute now. Her name will be Charlotte, (Charlie for short). I made her bunting flags a while ago but the bias binding I wanted was out of stock until now. So I am sewing it on tonight if I get a chance. The fabric is matched to the nursery curtains.

When I bought the fabric, I bought more than needed as there was a really good sale on. I arrived home, washed and dried the fabric then got stuck in...

I was a machine I tell you! I ironed, I measured, I cut, I sewed, I turned, I ironed... Until every flag was done...

Why I thought... Why does it look like I have too many flags? Shrug...

After laying the flags out to the measurements my niece gave me, I still had too many flags. I had used up all of the fabric, forgetting I had bought extra. I had made 16 METERS! ... Yes you read that right... 16 meters of bunting, (that's without gaps between the flags)... DOOFUS!

But hey! That's ok because another great niece will be born in May and her bunting will already be made. The mummies are sisters so they will just think that I will be trying to keep it all matchy matchy fair. I have two more babes to make bunting for so I will get to put some different combos together then.

I made myself a patchwork scarf too. I used left over cotton fabric scraps and soft charcoal wool for the backing (thrifted). It's extra long so I can double it around my neck and thread it through the looped end. It looks way better on. Especially with a black dress (which i wear often)...

I am making similar scarves from recycled woollen jumpers and I am so excited about them... If they turn out any good I will look at selling them in my shop.

Speaking of my shop... I am new to selling on 'Felt' and I never anticipated how excited I would be when I made a sale... What an ego boost it is! I love the whole process of packing a brooch up into a little parcel and walking to the post box...

I made a few new brooches this week. Same designs, different colour combos... But that is another post I think :-)

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  1. :) at least now you have the work done for your next new baby!!! lovely scarf too!

  2. Haha, that made me laugh! Don’t worry, I have those doofus moments too!
    The bunting is beautiful, love the pretty girly fabrics you used.

  3. Haha that's funny, lovely bunting though :) Very pretty colours

  4. Thats pretty funny! Maybe your brain was saving you from doing it all again later?

  5. Had a good giggle over you sewing enought bunting to stretch across NZ! Love your brooches by the way, they are gorgeous. And your thrifted tins are spectacular. thanks also for the introduction to duraware - those colours! And lastly so nice of you to pop over and comment on my blog, can't wait to see what you are up to next, i love finding another colour lover! melx

  6. Such pretty bunting. Maybe you can make enough to stretch across the Tasman to Australia! (I hope it's the Tasman, otherwise I look pretty daft right now!) x


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