Last year (2010) I taught myself to knit. Here are my first knitting projects...

I originally made this cushion cover for myself and knitted another for my sister-in-law for her birthday. She liked it so much I decided she should have my one also. She now has a matching pair on her sofa. My chest puffs out every time I visit and see my first knitting attempts being enjoyed.

I then knitted myself a scarf with repurposed pure teal wool. For my first attempt at rib stitch I didn't do too bad. The small mistakes are hidden amongst the rib. It seemed to take forever to finish but it was well worth it as I wore this almost every winter day last year and this. I adore the colour.

Button Heart...

Mr J's Aunt past away recently and I was given her button collection. I wanted to make something special with them. I recycled some woollen fabric from an old skirt and spent an evening in front of the telly putting this stuffed heart together. I am so proud of my tiny red blanket stitches around the outside. I love the textures and the contrast of the red and white. This now takes pride of place hanging from my workroom door. Thank you Aunty K xx 



I adapted this bunny from a vintage 'Woman's Weekly' pattern. My goal was to use only recycled materials. I was pleased with my first efforts but I think I over stuffed the pink bunny and I need to work on a bunny face that looks less 'stunned'. I kept the red bunny for myself, gifted the green one and sold the pink to a friend who asked for it. I am working on a pattern for a much simpler bunny.


  1. These are super cute! Thanks for following my blog and best of luck here! *s*

  2. I love the love heart (I'm filing that away that idea for future makings), a lovely way to keep the buttons and your memories of your aunt alive x


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