Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blankets, blossoms, buttons, birds and boobs...

I have had a much better week than the last and there is less leakage from my head. I couldn't believe my luck when I ended up with the entire weekend off... Excellent!

Here are my latest treasures...

Tea Tin complete with Tui and other native New Zealand birds (found in the 'free' bin)

Woollen blankets - all made in New Zealand. I had some projects in mind for these but I can't bring myself to cut them. I'm sure a few of you can relate :-)

More Duraware... Collected piece by piece... I love this stuff!

Another beautiful old tin, perfect for...

Buttons :-)

A 'Poole' cup and saucer... I love the colour (I'm a sucker for anything with turquoise), the shape and the weight.

My favourite piece! I think this is a saki cup because it is so small. I was peering through the crockery at my local oppy and she jumped out at me... Isn't she gorgeous!?

The weather has been devine and I have been soaking up the glorious surroundings that spring has provided...

This is the beautiful tree outside my dining room window... Soon it will be almost entirely white.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them. I am having trouble replying and most times, when I try to leave a comment on your posts it fails ??? I would appreciate your help with this as I would love to participate more. I have filled out my 'google account' but perhaps I'm missing something.

I hope you all have a fabulous week, with full bellies, excellent health and smiles on your dials :-)

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  1. lovely treasures, my favourite..the duraware closely followed by cup and saucer-so pretty.

  2. buttons and in a tin! Wonderfulness!

  3. I love your buttons. About your not being able to post comments, I found out that if I check the box when I sign in to "stay signed in", it will not let me comment on blogs. Simply sign out of blogger and resign in and uncheck that "stay signed in" box Hope this helps

  4. I love the tin of buttons and the blankets. I understand your reluctance to cut into them, but I always think better to do that and make something I can enjoy seeing everyday, rather than putting them away in the cupboard.What were you planning to do with them?

  5. Love the blankets and the perfect tin for storing buttons.
    I have trouble leaving comments on some blogs too with Internet Explorer so I downloaded Mozilla firefox (thats what I'm using now to leave this comment) and apparently Google Chrome works too.
    To be able to comment on your own blog and to make it possible for others to who have the same problem go to 'settings' in dashboard, then 'comments' then 'comment form placement' and select 'pop-up window' and save the change.
    Hope this helps. x

  6. Oh wow! I did it :-D Thanks for all your help xx

  7. The two tins are gorgeous. Lucky girl scoring a free Tui tin! Doesn't get any better then that!


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