Sunday, 11 September 2011

The world's worst patient...

I awoke last Wednesday feeling a little down and still tired. I shrugged it off as I thought I probably still wasn’t used to waking at 5am yet and of course it was also the middle of the week. By two in the afternoon my nose was leaking, the eyes were weeping and I had a dry hack of a cough. The dust was thick at work due to all the building going on and I assumed that that was the cause of my head woes. By 3pm I couldn’t go on any longer. I left work, got home, changed into my pjs and hit the couch…

After four nights all I can remember, (apart from all the snot) is… being too afraid to cough or swallow… a pulsating head and thinking that all of my teeth were falling out. I do remember some interesting dreams and shamefully demanding that hubby bring me all the drugs in the universe, (these would be the drugs that I usually tell him are good for nothing, money spinning poisons). I now understand why people insist on using tissues instead of loo paper and putting some sort of lubricant around their nostrils. I am sporting two gross sandpaper scabs under my nose.

I haven’t been that sick in a very long time and apart from being so happy to be coming out the other end, I am eternally grateful to have someone in my life who is prepared to look after the world’s worst patient. Thank you Mr J xx

I have enjoyed the ability to do the little things today. The curtains are open, the ‘slow cooker’ is on, the dishes are done and the washing is folded. Here’s to appreciating good health… (clink)!

So… There was yet again no thrifting for me last week, but I still have plenty to show you from the recent past… Enjoy

Sexy Mid-Century Coffee Pot

Funky Fondue Forks

'Hostess' Salad Bowl and Servers

Mahogany Lamp Base

Red Art Glass

A Wee Pot from Denmark

'Toyobo' Fabric Made in Japan

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May this week bring you the most interesting and the much sort after treasure xx


  1. Some treasures there. The lamp base is lovely. x

  2. love that fabric, i'm a fiend for orange. those fondue forks and their colouring are just charming.

  3. Glad you are feeling better - it is so miserable to be sick ... You are right - that coffee pot is kinda sexy ...

  4. whoa that fabric is awesome. and that poring pot just makes me want to melt cholate and dip in marshmellows using thos fondue forks, nom x


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