Monday, 2 April 2012

Crown Lynn Love...

It's madness around here! Absolute madness! My daughter (Megan, 25), will be home for a holiday in a few days and I want to have baking done, room ready and events planned before she gets here. She went to Perth a year ago to start her nursing career and have an adventure. I have missed her so much and I am so excited! Megan had her birthday last week and her younger sister Sam is turning 23 on Saturday. There will be combined celebrations and there is much to do. I feel like the white rabbit!

Sam and Megan

I haven't had a lot of luck when out rummaging this past week so it's back to the archives again...

I fell in love with Crown Lynn about five years ago. I have been collecting it ever since. I really love the colours and the basic shapes but I would say it's more to do with nostalgia and well... I am terribly patriotic too. (Or maybe I am just obsessed with collecting?) At first I collected anything I could find related to Crown Lynn, but have since culled my collection and kept only my absolute favourites. Sadly I have not photographed it all but I thought I would share some that I have recorded. These didn't make it into my collection because they are either double-ups or I swapped them for what I wanted.

Double-ups of the 'Colour Glaze' Crown Lynn

Crown Lynn Tulip Duo
(sugar bowl and creamer in background)

Pink Gingham Crown Lynn
(egg cup and pin dish in foreground)

Sesame Street Breakfast Bowl


Fiesta Duo

Hmmm can't remember the name of this one.

Colour Glaze
(what I call the 'man' tea cup)

Beehive Mixing Bowl


Colour Glaze
(more double-ups of the 'man' tea cups. Great coffee cups!)

New York

Colour Glaze Breakfast Bowls

Blue Band

Small off-white Vase

Moonglow in Orange

Chicken Egg Cup

Colour Glaze Tulip Duos
A repeat photo but apt for this post :-)
(these were double-ups of my collection)

When I get around to it I will photograph my collection. There are some awesome colours in the Colour Glaze range and I discover new ones all the time.

Have a fantastic week :-)

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  1. Great post! I love seeing collections! LOVE LOVE your collection - especially the Fiesta pieces which I continue to covet!!

  2. Happy birthday to the daughters - I hope you have a fab party. I love Fiesta too, and well everything else as well. Fiesta is almost impossible to come by in the op shops up this way :/

  3. I love the fiesta as well, and the egg cup. and possibly the best colours in the man cups. yum


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