Sunday, 28 August 2011

Brooches, Dentists and More Vintage Goodies...

Where did the week go? Lately I have been busy making brooches to sell at a local craft market and have been lost in my own little craft world, (I hope to put some pics up soon when I am more organised).

The house is a bomb site and I don't think I have cooked a decent meal in days. I have painted 2 large frames to display the brooches, organised the packaging, settled on some reasonable price points and sewed until my vision became blurry... I have put so much effort into the wee things that I was sooooo excited about presenting them to the world...

...That was until I was offered a job merchandising for 8 weeks. I have recently acquired a large dentist bill and this job will help me clear it quickly. It will mean that I miss the local craft markets for a while as I will only have Sundays off. On the brighter side I will now have more time to build up my stock and think of new ideas. I will also be free of that niggling dentist bill. Isn't it great that I was offered the merchandising job just when I needed it though :-)

I did manage to get out for a bit of hunting and gathering to satisfy my craving of things vintage. I have been slack with getting the evidence on camera... But... As this is only my second blog I have plenty of pics to show you from the archives. Here are some of my favourites...

  Duraware... Collected piece by piece. I love this and use it often.

Solid State Am Radio... I adore the simplicity

Crispy Cotton Vintage Sheets... What can I say... I love stripes!

Handmade Giraffe... Cuteness with bonus stripes!

Retro fab! Everybody needs a red bag

Where is the 'enter' button?

I could not figure out how to reply directly to the comments made on my first blog... Thank you to all who commented, I felt very welcomed. I enjoy your blogs and welcome any handy hints.

Have an excellent week and (if you could see my dentist bill) ... remember to floss regularly :-)

Also... Here is my first attempt at adding a linky thingy... For more 'Flea Market Finds' check out Sophies page here ... Phew!


  1. i love your duraware falcon cups. i spent a little fortune (well, everything is relative, isn't it!!) on a few of them just the other day, i wasn't so keen on the price but i am very pleased that i splashed out a bit, now i can't wait to go on a picnic and show them off. i really like the colours of yours, so funky and happy. all your other finds are absolutely gorgeous too.

  2. ADORE the duraware, the stripey sheet and gosh the typewriter looks lovely. Lucky you!

  3. Love that red bag! And the old typewriter is great! I believe the one I learned to type on looked much like that! LOL!

    Fantastic news about your new gig which will allow you to pay the dental bill!

    Look forward the unveiling of your brooch creations, too.

  4. duraware in those colours and striped vintage linen??? perfect.


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